Sharon has a great eye for colour and architectural design saving us from making a mistake with a dividing wall. Totally affordable and wonderful. Thanks Sharon. Maree 

Sharon is very knowledgeable about colours and was incredibly helpful, really going above and beyond. Recommend! Jennifer

I have worked with Sharon in colour and design, interior design and furnishings for over 20 years. Each time she amazes me with her innate ability to pick just the perfectly nuanced colour scheme for any situation. House, apartment, new build. I have never been anything other than enthusiastic and admiring of her talent and the brilliant outcome for me. Thank you Sharon for all your wonderful work. Elizabeth Taylor 

Thank you, your ideas are amazing! Coral

My wife was recently looking to add a new zeal to the interior of our home and met with Sharon Jacob. Sharon with her interior and decorating experience, consulted with my wife to get a feeling for the brief. I must say we were very impressed with Sharon's creative flair. What had become an extremely comfortable home, had once again become a joy to walk into and we felt invigorated with the new ambience. Our friends love the changes and it has become standard practice to pass on Sharon's details to impressed visitors. Rae and Chris Burton

Have just looked over the garden design plans for the south and north balconies... Great ideas Natalie Du Gard

Sharon is an easy communicator, takes the requirements of her clients into consideration, never presumes to ‘take over’ the process and adds value in every sense of the word. She has created some beautiful living environments and her sense of colour and style is unquestionably sophisticated and chic. She is perfectly able to work within her client’s budgetary constraints and tight timetables and has often come up with brilliantly conceived solutions to difficult design problems, frequently at costs significantly below expectation. Liz